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The Scienceworks

This is a past event from Manchester Science Festival 2017.

Fancy giving a bee an origami bouquet, or making a teeny tiny hot air balloon? Join us for a different dose of fun every day at The Scienceworks. Discover how 3D films are made larger than life, enjoy food for thought on what happens when we chew, find out the science behind those football World Cup-winning goals (and what effect a footballer’s hairstyle has on their success), discover the lives of amazing aeronauts and get the buzz about bees.

The Scienceworks will feature a different event on each day of the week:

Monday 23 October
To celebrate The Printworks’ address on the old Balloon Lane, the first day will feature the science of balloons and honour the work of James Sadler, the first English Aeronaut.

Tuesday 24 October
There’ll be a real buzz as visitors help make origami flowers to create a slow drip of honey into the Beespoon – a small copper spoon representing the amount of honey a single bee can produce during her lifetime.

Wednesday 25 October
There has been a cinema onsite at The Printworks for the past seventeen years – find out how films first appeared in colour and how 3D films are made.

Thursday 26 October
Get your teeth into the science of food with ingredients grown on The Printworks’ rooftop garden.

Friday 27 October
Did Beckham score more goals when he had highlights and a fringe or when he sported his man bun? Look into the science behind sport and football and learn the formula for scoring a goal from the halfway line.

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Monday 23 October - Friday 27 October 2017,
12pm - 4pm

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The Printworks, 27 Withy Grove, Manchester, M4 2BS

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Adults and families 4+

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