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The Science Studio

This is a past event from Manchester Science Festival 2017. 

Take a pinch of art and a dab of science and you get craft. Step into The Science Studio at Manchester Craft & Design Centre, and get up close and personal with the chemicals, reactions and elements artists use in their art. Our open public workshop and a week of demonstrations and hands-on experiments will let you see a range of weird, wonderful and curious processes in action as artists create everything from jewellery to vessels sculptures and artworks. You’ll also be invited to get stuck in yourself, getting to grips with workshops that’ll show you just how much science underpins everything in the art world.

The Science Studio will feature work by different artists on each day of the week:

Monday 23 October
Be inspired by glassmaker and jeweller Charlotte Verity and use the rare lampworking technique to melt glass to make your own bead to take away.*

Tuesday 24 October
Join artist Nell Smith to experiment with two methods of printmaking – firstly using a small modern etching press to print a lino illustration and secondly using a 1950s Adana letterpress to overprint lettering.

Wednesday 25 October
Give pewtersmithing a bash with Ella McIntosh of This Is Pewter. Test the boundaries of pewter by combining textures, pewter (a very soft metal), and the rolling mill to make your own keyring.

Thursday 26 October
Gemma Scully specialises in water casting, heating different metals until they melt and then dropping them into different volumes of water. You’ll be able to try this fun process where the results are different every time.

Friday 27 October
Learn about the properties of thermoplastics with Julia Roy Williams of Wonderhaus. We’ll be working with heat guns and perspex, learning how to heat and shape plastic to create wearable art jewellery.

Saturday 28 October
Have a go at plique-a-jour enamelling with glass artist Helen Tiffany. You will have a go grinding the enamel and filling your own metal charm which will be fired for you to take away.

*Please note the change in content on Monday 23 October.

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Monday 23 October - Saturday 28 October 2017,
2pm - 5pm

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Manchester Craft and Design Centre, 17 Oak Street, Manchester, M4 5JD

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Adults and families 7+

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