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Robots: Late

This is a past event from Manchester Science Festival 2017. 

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Think you’re too old to play with robots? Computer says no. Join us for a fun-filled, adults-only evening of playing around with the latest robotics research. Watch a robot pull the perfect pint, teach a robot head how to talk and even challenge a robot to a dance-off. Meanwhile, find out where this incredible technology is headed and what this means for the human race, with TED-style talks, discussions and even a comedy show from Foxdog Studios.

Teacher Zone

Teachers and educators can also join us at the Teacher Zone at Robots:Late. There’ll be workshops, free classroom resources, CPD, demos and more for you to try before heading down to enjoy the rest of the Late. Teachers, trainee teachers, teaching assistants and tutors are all welcome. Book your free ticket now.

Full line-up below:

RuBot II
RuBot II is a Guinness World Record holder who can solve a Rubik’s cube – watch him crack the 70s classic in less than 20 seconds.

Pyramids and pints
The University of Leeds have unleashed their finest robotic inventions from the lab, from racing pyramid climbers to an artificial heart. Head to the first floor to relax with a spot of engineering-themed colouring in and a pint… perfectly pulled by a robot, of course.

Cozmo and Anki Overdrive
Fast and Furious
Get to know Cozmo, a robot like you’ve only seen in films, with a personality that evolves the more you hang out. Along with the Fast and Furious crew, Anki Overdrive pits you against artificially intelligent supercars in a game of speed and strategy.

Robots – our companions and co-workers for the future
Ghislaine Boddington, specialist in body responsive technologies, shares the real state of human/robotic relationships all around us and puts forward some thoughts on the ongoing impact they will have on our lives. Be warned – it’s not all good news!

Human vs. Machine
Human and machine go head to head in the ultimate battle of metal vs minds. In each round there’ll be one task that can be done by a human, the other by machine. Who did it best? The audience will decide. Enjoy this light-hearted look into the science and future of automation, brought to you by the Museum of Science and Industry Explainer team.

Are Friends Electric?
Robots are becoming more social. TV shows like Humans and Westworld portray them as surrogate partners. Could Alexa or Siri one day be your best friend? Or is it happening already? Professor Tony Prescott investigates.

Robot Chef
Are sausages best served from a cannon? Does it matter if an Electromagnet touches your beans? Why should we manually transfer food from pan to plate? Foxdog Studios’ robot chef faces off with Mary-Ellen McTague, the award-winning human chef behind Aumbry and Manchester Art Gallery’s revamped cafe, with a little bit of help from the audience.

Active8 Collaborative Robot Demo
Meet the brains behind Baxter, star of the Robots exhibition, and their cohort of helpful cobots – industrial droids designed to work alongside humans. Train Sawyer robot, as used in factories around the world, or have a go at beating Yumi, the two-armed dexterous robot, at different games.

Robotic Jewellery
Ever thought about wearing a robot? Royal College of Art graduate Caroline Yan Zheng makes soft robotics
jewellery that responds to pulse rate and human emotion. Watch her demonstrate her innovative creations and learn how they’re made.

Mind Controlled Robotic Hand
Try out a 3D-printed, mind-controlled robotic hand. Find out how quickly you can focus and see if you can move it with the power of your mind.

Crafty Robots
Make your own dancing, battling, buzzing Fizzbot in this simple workshop from the Crafty Robot. Use a Fizzbit motor module to power your own mini creation and take it home for a small charge.
Small charge applies if you take your Robot home.

Say a big HAL-lo to Mitsuku, the prize-winning online chatbot – pull up a chair, ask her a question or start a debate (if you dare). The more people talk to her, the smarter she becomes.

Meet the Salford Robots
Have you ever come face to face with a robot gorilla? Now’s your chance. Salford robotics team are showcasing their fantastic creations and giving you the chance to program them. Test your skills in the robot maze or code a Nao to do the robot (what else?)

Wizard of Oh
Meet the great and powerful Ohbot, the robot head. From the creators of Robots star Inkha the robot receptionist, Ohbot uses facial recognition and text-to-speech technology to interact with you. Watch out for the sneaky reveal at the end!

Valiant Roamer
Can you help code Roamer Robot to find her way across a mat and make the biggest number possible? We’ve had people of all ages and abilities, from four year olds to workers from GCHQ trying to crack this one. Take the challenge!

Cyborg Revolution
Something cyborg this way comes… It’s an original Doctor Who Cyberman! Join museum curator Lewis to hear about the latest ways we are using technology to augment and improve our bodies, and get a selfie with the Doctor’s metallic nemesis.

Robots Exhibition
The robots are coming… Get up close and personal with over 100 amazing robots and discover what it means to be human in a robotic world. Admission to Robots is half price for tonight only and tickets are limited.
£8 (£4 half price). Available at the Exhibition entrance.

Robots Tours
Join Senior Exhibition Coordinator Sallyann Browning on an after-hours tour of the Robots exhibition and uncover the secrets behind some of our star items.
Tours at 7.30pm and 8.30pm. Meet in the entrance.
Purchase a Robot exhibition ticket for entry.

Is your spidey sense tingling? Award-winning artists Numen/For Use have transformed the 1830 Warehouse into a giant spider’s web made from sticky tape. Clamber up into the rafters and get an arachnid’s-eye view of the webbed world.

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