A Grand Exposition

A Grand Exposition: Sci-Art

This is a past event from Manchester Science Festival 2017. 

Sci-Art is a new specially curated exhibition as part of A Grand Exposition, featuring artworks that blend science, art and technology. Most of the works have been created by local artists working in the North West who share an innovative approach to using science, data and technology. On display for just three-days, this exhibition is not to be missed.

Verfasst by Logan and Wilcox

Timed event – click the link for details
In this brand new commission by artists Logan and Willcox, you can become co-producer of this experimental audio-visual installation by using your own biometric data to generate sound and visuals.

The Nature of Nano by Antony Barkworth-Knight, Nick del’Nero and the Sarah Staniland Group

Drop-in event
Get a glimpse behind the scenes and see Nano research in action with this carefully crafted mash up of interviews with specialist researchers, visuals of lab experiments and creative responses to research through animation. The final result is both immersive and informative.

Microbe Me by Jon Biddulph

Drop-in event
See self-portraits made with bacteria, including the artist’s face mapped into agar plates over a photographic self-portrait. This artwork challenges the popular notion that man and nature are separate entities by showcasing vast colonies of micro-organisms that are usually invisible to the eye.

Microtopias’ by Dave Griffiths

Drop-in event
Reimagine spaces and sites using archive information media of microfiche (flat film with pictures of newspapers and other documents) including forensic archaeological investigation of a Holocaust concentration camp landscape and x-ray astronomer mappings of distant deadly gamma-ray bursts. You can engage in a microscopic examination of materiality and even construct your own narrative by browsing our microfiche surface.

Sonic Ensemble by Jen Haugan

Timed event – click on the link for details
This sonic sculpture creates sound seemingly out of thin air using a combination of the Doppler effect and audio feedback. Experience and interact with otherworldly sounds, positioned at the intersection between sound and music.

Pattern & Perception by Gemma May Latham

Drop-in event
Explore and perceive the subconscious experience with archival textile patterns produced in Manchester’s mills. Take part by interacting with the biometric sensors which encode your data and produce large scale patterns, resulting in a visualisation of your emotions.

DeviceD by Manoli Moriaty and Lucie Lee

Drop-in event – click the link for more details
Turn your twitter activity into dance with this live art installation that responds to social media interactions by combining online communication software and bidirectional wearable sensors.

Noise+Signal by Daksha Patel

Timed event – click the link for details
This large-scale artwork was produced during a live performance where bio-sensors measured electrical brain activity and changes in skin conductivity. This data was projected in real time and traced into a drawing. This experimental work explores ideas about the visualisation of data, particularly the values and meanings associated with data that is ‘noisy’ and which contains other kinds of contextual information.

Machine 16 and Machine 19 by Alex Pearl

Drop-in event
These low-tech devices explore the relationships between the human and the technical object. Born out of a wide range of research from Sci-Fi robots to Niagara Falls barrel riders, they deploy forms of breakdown that both draw in and de-centre the human. Made and remade, patched and repaired, both machines exhibited have changed subtly over their lifespan and will continue to evolve throughout the exhibition.

For more information on each artist and their work, check out A Grand Exposition’s website.

About A Grand Exposition
With a nod to The Great Exhibition of 1851, A Grand Exposition is a three-day celebration of the region’s diverse community of artists, makers and creative technologists. Blending exhibitions, entertainment and demonstrations, the event offers a family-friendly sprawl of technological, science-orientated artworks, maker workshops for all ages, illuminated talks that explore the social and cultural impacts of science and technology, and all manner of science-themed live performances.


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Talbot Mill, 44 Ellesmere Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M15 4JY

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