A man in a sound proofed room wiring a speaker. To accompany a news story about BBC Opera Passion day at the Manchester Science Festival.

Electrifying the Voice

This is a past event from Manchester Science Festival 2017. 

Sing it from the rooftops, we’ve got a special musical event in two acts for you on Thursday 19 October.

Electrifying the Voice and the BBC Opera Passion experiments both take place on the same day, at different venues in Manchester city centre. Intrigued? Read on…

What’s the greatest musical instrument ever made? No, not the recorder… the human voice. Join soprano Daniela Sicari, baritone John Jones and University of Salford Professor of Acoustics Trevor Cox as they explore this most exquisite of instruments. Our singers and scientists mix scientific analysis with musical interludes, you’ll be taken on an exploration of the workings of the voice and how it can be adapted to different styles. Is opera really different from musical theatre? How have microphones changed the way people sing? Can you be trained to be tuneful? Come along to Chetham’s Library to hear all about it.

BBC Opera Passion experiments at the Museum of Science and Industry: Be part of it

This event is part of BBC Opera Passion. Before the main event in the evening there will be a series of experiments during the day at the Museum of Science and Industry looking at the amazing feats of the human voice, where Prof Trevor Cox and his operatic guinea pigs will be putting some of the most common ideas about singing to the test to sort the myth from the reality. Sign up to our newsletter to find out how you can be in the audience for these experiments, or how to watch online.

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Chetham’s Library, Long Millgate, Manchester, M3 1SB

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