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Electricity: The spark of life

This is a past event from Manchester Science Festival 2018.

Electricity is a powerful force of nature, spectacular and thrilling. For centuries, humans battled to harness and control it.

Today electricity is central to our existence. We use it without thinking about it and only notice it when it isn’t there.

Featuring stunning commissions from three contemporary artists, Electricity: The spark of life examines how scientists experimented with electricity and how mass generation and distribution changed our lives.

Through iconic objects such as Edison lightbulbs and emerging smart technologies, we uncover how supply companies convinced us of electricity’s importance and explore electricity’s place in a low carbon future.

If you’re visiting with children, pick up a trail and guide yourself through the exhibition with games and challenges. Or visit Spark Space, our activity zone within the gallery.

This is a Wellcome Collection exhibition in collaboration with Teylers Museum, Netherlands and the Science and Industry Museum, Manchester.

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Thursday 18 October - Sunday 28 April 2019, 10am - 5pm

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Science and Industry Museum, Liverpool Road, Castlefield, Manchester, M3 4FP

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