A CGI image of a darkened hallway, with red script writing floating in mid-air

All the Delicate Duplicates

This is a past event from Manchester Science Festival 2017. 

Immerse yourself in a transmedia gameworld blurring fantasy and scientific realism. All the Delicate Duplicates constructs a story world where perceptions are stretched beyond the “real” as we (think we) know it. Mixing English and computer code to create a language where meanings are nested inside each other, players need to read, re-read, then re-re-read again in order to piece together the truth discovered in the game. Join us for a showcase of the game, followed by a chat about the role of gaming and technology in literature and storytelling.

All the Delicate Duplicates has been named Best Experimental Game at the inaugural Game Design Awards in Dundee. Read all about it here. 

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International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Chorlton Mill, 3 Cambridge Street, Manchester, M1 5BY

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