Watch a live screening of this year’s Royal Institution Christmas Lecture

Are you missing the fascinating science and one-off experiences of the Manchester Science Festival?

Fear not – as the Science and Industry Museum, producers of the festival, will host a very special event next month, in partnership with the Royal Institution.

The museum will screen a live stream from the RI’s prestigious and unmissable Christmas Lecture as it is filmed at the Royal Institution in London. The event features Professor Alice Roberts alongside Professor Aoife McLysaght, from The Genetics Society.

Alice and Aoife will look at how it is possible for humans to share 99.4% of their genes with other humans, 98.7% with chimpanzees and even 44% with fruit flies—yet also be entirely unique.

This is an exclusive opportunity to enjoy the iconic Royal Institution Christmas Lecture in Manchester ahead of its broadcast on the BBC this December.

The event will take place at the museum on Tuesday, December 11, from 5.30pm. Tickets are priced at £5, and carol singers and mulled wine will add to the festive vibe.

Alice, who has appeared on Coast, Time Team and Horizon, said: ‘The study of biology and our own evolutionary past gives us a really interesting way to understand who we are, today. I’m looking forward to sparking some young imaginations with this amazing area of science.’

Click here for more information about the event, and to book your tickets.