An image of Jim Al Khalili

You and AI at the Royal Exchange Theatre

Computers are evolving. There’s even a law which describes the fact. It’s called Moore’s law. As technology allowed transistor chips to get smaller, it also allowed for more of them to be packed into machines and for those machines to become smarter and more advanced.

And in what direction are computers and technology heading? Artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already being put to the test, having escaped the pages of science fiction to become the centrepiece of smartphones and voice-assisted tech, like Siri and Alexa.

However, is it really the right thing to do, to become so dependent on AI? Would it not bring us one step closer to living in a science fiction dystopia? Or will it be able to help us, to solve problems and uncover the hidden mysteries of the universe?

Set in the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester, You and AI is your chance to come and be part of the debate. Get your thinking caps on and start thinking of questions to put to the panel hosted by renowned theoretical physicist, author and broadcaster Professor Jim Al Khalili, and featuring Dr Ewa Luger from University of Edinburgh, Dame Wendy Hall from University of Southampton and Professor Neil Lawrence, University of Sheffield and Amazon. Got your tickets already? Submit your questions to the panel through the Royal Society’s form. Click here to send in your questions.

Find out what the future might hold and the shape that machines and technology may take in the next few years in You and AI, and celebrate as another fantastic Manchester Science Festival comes to a close.