A man looking at an aquaponics grow box

What’s on today? Saturday 27 October

Are you still with us? Good. We like loyalty, so to reward you we’ve got a super Saturday lined up for you.

If love’s got the world in motion (and got John Barnes to crack out his mad rapping skills) then Celestial Bodies can certainly get the Universe in Motion. In this part dance, part game and part experiment you’ll wear a helium balloon suit and let professional dancers guide you in moving like a celestial body.

As you act out the laws of physics, you’ll get an insight into how the universe works. We still can’t explain the majesty of the John Barnes rap though. (11am, 11.40am, 12.20pm, 2pm, 2.40pm, 3.20pm, 4pm and 4.40pm, Science and Industry Museum)

Britain is caught up in a bizarre Russian experiment and paranoia reigns supreme. Sound familiar? We’re talking about the Cold War, of course. Welcome to the Vostok K Experiment, an S3A and BBC drama exploring the future of radio by unlocking the creative potential of 3D immersive sound.
Hear extracts from the drama and chat to the researchers who developed the idea. (11am – 5pm, Science and Industry Museum)

Whilst we realise that Aquaponics: Grown Your Own Greens sounds like one of those dodgy shops in the Northern Quarter, it’s actually clean, eco-friendly and completely legal. So there.

Aquaponics is clean, eco-friendly and all above board. It’s all about creating an environment where plats and fish live and thrive together. The fish waste provides organic food for the growing plants, and the plants natural filer the water in which the fish live. At the workshop you’ll be able to create your own self-sustaining ecosystem that you can take home and enjoy. (1pm – 4pm, Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art)

Keeping with the fishy vibe, shimmy on over to Awesome Animals and Epic Engineers at the Science and Industry Museum.  At the Pi: Platform for Investigation unearth the amazing ways evolution and animal mechanics are inspiring engineers to develop new sensors, substances and materials that will transform our future. From day-glo jellyfish to supercharged mayfly wings, this is event is full of animal magic (10.30am – 4pm, Science and Industry Museum)

Cute don’t cut it in the animal kingdom, so we’re booting beauty out and saying hi to the hideous. Find out what adaptations make this critters amazing, and how they evolved their unique features in the first place. The Ugly Animal Roadshow (1pm and 3pm, Gallery Oldham)

Can an object challenge the stigma of homelessness? We’ve teamed up with the Museum of Homelessness to produce a powerful and moving performance and workshop. We’ll be using neuroscience research and verbatim storytelling techniques to discover if storytelling alone can change attitudes and prejudices. The Human Stories of Homelessness (2pm – 4pm, The Federation)

If you’re feeling arty, head on over to the closing party of Cluster, Going Out With a BANG. Grab a drink, enjoy the music and chat to the artists to discover how they were influence to create their artworks (6pm – 9pm, OA Studios)

Today’s timeline:

Celestial Bodies (Science and Industry Museum, 11am, 11.40am, 12.20pm, 2pm, 2.40pm, 3.20pm, 4pm and 4.40pm)

Vostok K Experiment (Science and Industry Museum, 11am – 5pm)

Aquaponics: Grown Your Own Greens (Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, 1pm – 4pm)

Pi: Platform for Investigation (Science and Industry Museum, 10.30am – 4pm)

The Ugly Animal Roadshow (Gallery Oldham, 1pm and 3pm)

The Human Stories of Homelessness  (The Federation, 2pm – 4pm)

Going Out With a BANG (OA Studios, 6pm – 9pm)