Manchester Science Festival 2018: In Pictures

There were lots of amazing moments at this year’s Manchester Science Festival – we take  a look back at some images of the best ones.

There were lots of amazing upgrades to explore at our You Have Been Upgraded headliner – including this live tattooing session by artist DC, AKA Rebecca De Cadorette.

Also at You Have Been Upgraded, host Jon Spooner had a microchip implanted into his hand. He hasn’t decided what he’ll programme it to do yet – but we’ll keep you updated when he does!

We had not one, but two, Olympic and Paralympic gold medal athletes at Manchester Science Partnerships’ Electricycle Avenue. Here’s Dame Sarah Storey taking on the pedal power challenge.

And here’s Dani Rowe!

At In Conversation: Plastics Action, Prof Mark Miodownik and the BBC’s Paddy O’Connell shared their tips for reducing our plastic use – and Mark showed the audience the cutlery he carries with him at all times…

One of the most popular events at Central Library was Ibn al-Haytham: Mysteries of How We See, which explored the work of the 10th century Arabian scientist.

Siemens’ roller coaster was a big hit all week at Pi: Platform for Investigation, which is sponsored by the tech company.

Our exhibition Electricity: The spark of life includes a brand new art installation by data artists Tekja.

Josh Award winner Mat Allen’s workshop allowed people to experience the constellations in a new way.

MICROBiHOME, at the University of Salford’s GameLab, took visitors inside the human body to experience the amazing microbes that keep us alive.

At Live and Let Dye, visitors learned how to turn natural ingredients into dyes to create patterns on paper and fabrics.

The artist creating one of her dirt carpets using a sieve to dust a stencil.

Artist Ya-Chu Kang created an incredible dirt carpet in our textiles gallery, which visitors were then invited to walk over.

Young visitors to Waters Wacky Lab got hands-on with science, creating giant bubbles in the Upper Yard of the museum.

Top image: Open Bionics ambassador Tilly Lockey at You Have Been Upgraded.