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Manchester Science Festival 2018: Our partners’ picks

Today we revealed the full programme for Manchester Science Festival 2018 – and we’re sure that you’ll all have your favourite events that you’re looking forward to already. We caught up with some of our event partners at their sneak preview of the programme and asked them what they were really excited about:

Claire McDonald from HAC100 chose Jim Al Khalili’s You and AI event and Molly Harrower: Love, Sex and Ink Blots at the Portico Library as the two events she was most excited about. Hac100 have been running events at the science festival for seven years, and their Hack Manchester challenges for adults and juniors are always some of our most popular events.

The Blair Projects Marilyn Comrie was intrigued by the ideas of Afrofuturism that have influenced Keisha Thompson’s show Man on the Moon. Marilyn’s also interested in finding out how artificial intelligence can help young people achieve their potential.

Nile Henry is also from The Blair Project. The project turns petrol-powered go carts into electric go carts for racing, and is named after Nile’s brother, Blair, an aspiring racer. They are really interested in low carbon solutions, and Nile chose Jim Al Khalili’s event looking at the future of AI as the event he was most excited about.

Artist Christine Wilcox-Baker is the driving force behind 7,000 Feet, an exciting and artistic exploration of diabetes including an immersive experience. She’s excited about our other immersive experience – the headline event Distortions in Spacetime, which will bring a black hole to the historic 1830 Warehouse at the Science and Industry Museum.