MiRo and friends return this month

Have you ever dreamed about having your own robot pal? In January we are welcoming the University of Sheffield to our Platform for Investigation with some of their companion robots. Companion robots are designed to occupy the same space as humans, interact with humans (and each other) as well as provide support with daily activities, emotional engagement and entertainment. During this interactive and engaging event, they will invite you to find out more about how these robots are being developed and how they may help mankind both now and in the future.

In October MiRo, the cute robot dog, visited the Museum of Science and Industry as part of the Manchester Science Festival. Visitors of all ages fell in love with MiRo and we are excited to confirm that it will be one of the companion robots available to play with. MiRo robots can be used as companion animals, and have been designed based on mammal’s brains. MiRo was featured at last year’s Manchester Science Festival as part of the Robots Playground, Robots Late and Tomorrow’s World Live events, and Professor Tony Prescott talks more about his experiences of interacting with MiRo in our blog post Six things we learned at BBC Tomorrow’s World Live.

We are also welcoming back the tiny humanoid Nao robot, famous for its trendy dance routines and football playing abilities.

Pi: Platform for Investigation—Powered by Siemens is a monthly event where families discover cutting edge research that’s happening right now in and around Manchester and the North West.

Each month our partners from universities, research centres and other organisations take over our purpose-built high-tech platform, complete with computer ports and experiment tables, to introduce visitors of all ages to important innovations via conversation and fun.

Pi: Platform for investigation is a free event at the Museum of Science and Industry on Saturday, 20 January. More information is available via the museum website.