view of the world from space

What’s on today at the Manchester Science Festival: Saturday, 28 October

Want to see some Space Debris? Today’s Adrift exhibit features a short film created by Sundance Award Recipient Cath Le Couteur and BAFTA winner Nick Ryan. This short film casts light onto space junk by making it personal and visible to you. Communicate live with space debris using Twitter. (The Whitworth, 10am – 5pm)

Come along today to listen to science, but not in a usual way! Hip Hop Science Stop Weekender allows you listen to science raps from across the globe, learn all about science through graffiti, and learn more about the technology that helped to create the hip hop culture. You will also have the chance to take part in street science challenges and explore science using everyday products and waste materials that are normally just thrown away. (Museum of Science and Industry, 10am – 5pm)

Want to learn more about the brain? Pi: Baffled by brains gives you a chance to learn all about what happens when brains break down and learn all about how research may prevent brain disease. Get stuck in with interactive activities and meet people who are passionate about improving the lives of those with dementia (Museum of Science and Industry, 10:30am – 4pm)

In 1860 Manchester Innovator JB Dancer created microfilm and in Material – Microtopia today with Dave Griffiths you can combine analogue microfilm readers and digital stop motion capture to observe everyday objects and your own belongings! Examine objects in great detail and make them dance using stop frame animation. The short clips that you create will be added to an ongoing projection in the workshop space (Talbot Mill, 11am – 5pm).

Science Stories provides you with the opportunity to combine science and art. This event filled with hands on experiments, digital doodle and food science will prove that art and science are not separate (Wythenshaw Forum, 11am – 3pm).

Performances at Device D today allow you to watch a dance performance unlike any you have ever seen before.  Wearable bidirectional sensors vibrate according to online twitter posts, allowing the audience to control the performer (Talbot Mill, 12pm & 5pm).

Like a challenge? Then come along to HackManchester today! This 24 hour hackathon sees team of developers, designers and thinkers to turn up and take on a challenge with 24 hours to solve it. This is a great opportunity to challenge yourself and to win prizes whilst getting to know other talented developers (Museum of Science and Industry, 12pm).

If you are a Minecraft fan then today’s Pulse Patterns event is ideal for you. Using the Patterncraft Punchcard reader you can see how to generate a pattern that is affected by your heart rate (Talbot Mill, 1pm – 6pm).

Noise and Signal allows you to trace your own bio data to create a piece of art that you can take home with you. Watch as the bio data changes speed and direction to create your very own individual piece of art (Talbot Mill, 2pm – 5pm).

Come along to The Science Studio today to create your own metal charm. Try plique -a – jour enamelling with glass artist Helen Tiffany. You will even get a go at grinding the enamel and filling your own metal charm which you get to take home with you (Manchester Craft and Design Centre, 2pm – 5pm).

Symbiosis: Collaborative Strategies for Creative Practitioners this workshop is made up of an hour long presentation whereby you can interact with the system created at the end. Collaborate in a way in which animals cooperate in nature: Symbiosis (Talbot Mill, 3 – 4:15).

Learn all about how to turn Kombucha tea into something wearable at todays Hats off to VLeather event. Once you have learnt all about how to grow your own Kombucha tea you will get to work with Bronwen Simpson to create your very own fashion statement. (Hat Works, Stockport, 2 – 4:30).

Have you ever wondered what its like to be on a spiders web? The Tape exhibit allows you to find out! Made from a ‘stretched biomorphic skin’ and containing cocooning passageways this suspended structure allows you clamber into the rafters to get a better idea of what life is like for our eight legged friends (Museum of Science and Industry, 10am – 5pm).

If you fancy being inspired on your weekend come along to How I Hacked my Way into Space. This event tells the story of how one man made it from his shed in St Albans to the International Space Centre. In between shows you will have the opportunity to talk to Professor Philippa Browning and Dr Rob Appleby from the University of Manchester and hear all about astrophysics, high energy particle physics and Rob’s secret life as a DJ (The Lowry, 12:30 and 4).

If you fancy spending your Saturday night doing something different then come along to A Grand Exposition: After Dark.  Enjoy a bottle of Manchester Science Festival ale created by Talbot Mill’s own Brew Shack micro brewery whilst listening to talks and live performances from a line-up including Spaceheads, Paddy Steer and DJ special K. The panel will also discuss how the way that artists practice can assist science researchers to help them identify new patterns and connections in data and visual communication (Talbot Mill, 7pm – 11pm).

Other events on today include Sonic Pixels, Quacklab, Physics Pics, Dinosaurs in the Wild, Women of Science, Reena Saini Kallat, Robots, The Great Energy Escape, LEGO Space Rovers, Verrfast and Sonic Ensemble.