White geometric shapes against blue light - an image on Verfasst, the winner of the Manchester Science Festival Art-Sci commission

What not to miss at A Grand Exposition

A Grand Exposition is probably one of the biggest events taking place this Manchester Science Festival, A three-day spectacular of technology, craft, science and art, there’s something for everyone. Feeling overwhelmed by choice? Here’s our handy guide:

If you like… Brand new art and cutting-edge artists

Try… The Sci-Art Commission winner Logan and Wilcox’s Verfasst, which allows the audience to become co-producers in the artwork by using their own biometric data to generate sound and visuals. There is also a host of curated artworks inspired by everything from nanomedical research to forensic archaeology (Friday, 27 October).

If you like… Shaking your tailfeather to an eclectic mix of dance music

Try… Tuttifruitti (Friday, 27 October, 7pm-11pm) – a wild mix of audiovisual performances, visual montages and eclectic tunes with a live set from Tonoscope, plus DJ DoNot, DJ Bic and DJ Feathers and VJ colourForm. Book now

If you like… The Victorian gothic stylings of Penny Dreadful, or any of the works of H.G.Wells

Try… Marvelling at the weird and wonderful artworks, clothing, homeware and gifts at the Steampunk MarketPlace (28 October, daytime)

If you like… A night out in the Northern Quarter

Try… A bottle of our specially brewed Manchester Science Festival ale, created just for the event by Talbot Mill’s own Brew Shack micro-brewery. It’s free for ticket holders at A Grand Night Out (Saturday, 27 October, 7pm-11pm) which also features DJ Special K and Rucksack Cinema.

If you like… Buying unusual items on Etsy

Try… The Grand Auction (Sunday, 28 October, 4pm) where you can bid on as varied as particle accelerator jewellery, antique electronic curiosities, original artworks and an array of furniture, fixtures and fittings from the exposition.

A Grand Exposition is free entry with a mix of free and paid for workshops, talks and performances. Please book evening tickets in advance.