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A big bite of Pi

The Pi: Platform for Investigation sessions that run monthly at the Museum of Science and Industry are always some of our most popular events, and for the Manchester Science Festival we have nine fantastic Pi events taking place – one every day from Saturday, 21 October to Sunday, 29 October.

This year the Pi is powered by Siemens, and visitors to the interactive structure will be able to learn about everything from colossal floods to invisible particles.

Pi allows visitors of all ages to have direct contact with scientists working in some of the most exciting areas of science, and to take part in hands-on, live experiments.

A group of children stood around a stand in the Power Hall at MSI, looking impressed

This year’s events include:

  • Pi: Flow (Saturday, 21 October): Experience the awesome power of water by telling stories about colossal floods, playing a special team game of giant flood snakes and ladders and creating your own sandbanks and landscapes then using motion sensing tech to see the devastating effect that rains can have.
  • Pi: The Bare Bones (Sunday, 22 October): Covering all things bone-related, this day-long drop in will have you digging up skeletons, playing match-the-skull and attempting bone jigsaw as you learn all about the wonders of the human skeleton.
  • Pi: Meteorite Hunt (Monday, 23 October): Try​ ​out​ ​some​ ​space​ sleuthing​ ​yourself​ ​by​ ​trying​ ​out​ ​the​ ​tricks​ ​and​ ​techniques ​used​ by​ astro-geologists ​​from the Earth​ ​and​ ​Solar​ ​System​ ​team​ ​at​ ​the​ ​University​ ​of​ Manchester.​ Find out more about the science behind space rocks in advance by reading Dr Sarah Crowther’s blog post, here.
  • Pi: Killer Fungus (Tuesday, 24 October): Mushrooms aren’t always fun, guys. They can be deadly – and so can yeasts and moulds. Join us as we spotlight just how deadly fungal infections can be.
  • Pi: Made in Manchester (Wednesday, 25 October): Discover the innovation happening right here in Manchester as Pi is taken over by local inventors, researchers and companies.
  • Pi: The Great City Health Check (Thursday, 26 October): We’re taking Manchester’s pulse, getting the blood pumping and seeing what kind of shape our city’s in.
  • Pi: What’s Engineering Got to Do With It? (Friday, 27 October): Whoever knew engineering could be so exciting? Meet the Royal Academy of Engineering as they run a series of interactive demonstrations that invite you to ask “just what is engineering?”
  • Pi: Baffled by Brains? (Saturday, 28 October): Together with researchers from SalfordUniversity’s School of Environment and Life Sciences and the Salford Institute for Dementia you’ll be exploring with ‘brainiacs’ from all over the world on how our brains work, what happens when they breakdown, and how research may prevent brain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Pi: Seeing Into the Invisible (Sunday, 29 October): Discover amazing science including how we use light to determine the atomic structure of materials and how infra-red can improve medical diagnosis with specialists from the STFC Daresbury Laboratory.

Festival director Antonio Benitez said: “Pi enables us to put science subjects and public engagement in science right at the heart of what we are offering our visitors. It is a bold and innovative space where we can bring science, technology, engineering and maths to life.”

Pi: Platform for Investigation is powered by Siemens

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