Picture of robots on display at the Science Museum

10 things not to miss at Manchester Science Festival

From exploring a giant spider’s web to playing and dancing with robots, there’s a whole host of activities to discover at the 2017 Manchester Science Festival. With over 100 different events, it can be tricky to know where to start, so here’s a run-down of the top 10 things to get stuck into this year.

Taking over the 1830 Warehouse is Tape, a vast construction by award-winning Croatian artists Numen/For Use. This huge network of sticky tape and translucent plastic is inspired by the incredible engineering properties of spider silk, and will give you a unique chance to explore the weird webs that our eight-legged friends call home.

Another of the festival’s headline exhibitions will be Robots, where you’ll find out about the (surprisingly long) history of robotics, with over 100 robots on display from centuries gone by. Adults will be able to discover more at the Robots: Late event, where there’ll be TED-style talks, discussions and even a comedy show.

For an all-singing, all-dancing start to the day, head over to Morning Gloryville to learn about the science of happiness. You’ll have the chance to explore different ways to keep your mornings upbeat; from giggling yourself silly at laughter yoga, to dancing your socks off at a rave. For something a bit more low-key, why not marvel at the thought-provoking Physics Pics exhibition, where entrants have been challenged to capture physical concepts through a camera lens.

Siemens’ ever-popular Pi: Platform for Investigation will be returning to the festival, with daily interactive events covering topics such as meteorites, bones, brains and particle accelerators. And make sure to seize the chance to explore the unique mix of exhibitions, entertainment and demonstrations offered by A Grand Exposition over three days. Here, science collides head on with the arts, and discussions of the social impacts of science are seamlessly blended with live DJ sets and improv acts.

To get your imagination whirring, slip on over to the festival’s X-Files evening event. There’ll be screenings of classic X-Files episodes, as well as real-life alien hunters sharing the latest scientific discoveries about whether or not the truth is out there. If you’re more interested in creatures here on Earth, dive deep underwater with AquAIRium, an immersive virtual reality experience that brings every sight, sound and scent of our oceans to life. Or, travel back in time 67 million years and walk amongst some of the most awe-inspiring animals ever to grace our planet, with Dinosaurs in the Wild.