A man with a screwdriver working on a robotic head, part of A Grand Exposition, one of the festival team's pic of craft events

Six events for hands-on fun

There’s nothing we like more than getting hands-on and creating something crafty. And at this year’s Manchester Science Festival there’s loads of events where you can use your creative skills to craft something super to take home.

At the Art and Craft of Foley (21 October, Centre for Chinese Contemporary Arts) you can make your own sound effects and learn some skills that will turn your whole family into extraordinary audio auteurs. We can guarantee that your family home movies will never be quite the same again.

If you fancy getting stuck in to ceramics, printmaking or pewtersmithing, head to The Science Studio (23 October – 28 October, Manchester Craft and Design Centre), where they have a different craft activity every day. Other activities include water casting metals, heating and shaping plastic to create jewellery or making charms using plique-a-jour enamelling.

There are science experiments taking place every day at The Scienceworks (23 October – 27 October) but paper crafters in particular should head down on Tuesday, 24 October, to create origami flowers that will drip honey into the Beespoon to illustrate the amount of honey a single bee can produce during its lifetime.

For a real extravaganza, try A Grand Exposition (October 27 – October 29, Talbot Mill). The event is inspired by The Great Exhibition of 1851 and features a fantastic array of demos and entertainment, maker workshops for all ages and live performances. As well as making your own sci-art you’ll be able to peruse the Steampunk Marketplace, bid on particle accelerator jewellery and dance into the night with DJs, video artists and cabaret performers.

Milliners with morals about meat should head to Hats off to vLeather (26 October and 28 October, Hat Works, Stockport) where Jane Wood will demonstrate how to grow your own organic fabric from kombucha tea before Hat Works curator Bronwen Simpson turns this vegan leather into a fashion statement.

Finally, some skills not to try at home are showcased in Stuffed (21 October, Gallery Oldham), a fascinating insight into the art of taxidermy with Jack Fishwick, one of the UK’s leading taxidermists. This fascinating tour under the skin of the craft, peels away the layers of history and ethics that surround this often misunderstood practice.