Loop.ph artist Rachel Wingfield emerges from the Chronarium taster at the Manchester Science Festival launch

Bigger, bolder better – #msf16 is launched

“We want to be the boldest, most creative and most innovative science festival.”

Those were the words of Museum of Science and Industry director Sally MacDonald at the Manchester Science Festival launch, and Festival Director Antonio Benitez’s promise that families would be taken on a journey of scientific discovery justifies that vision.

From a sleep lab in a shopping centre to what is scientifically proven to be the best 10th birthday party ever, via a robot orchestra and a “forest of curiosity”, the festival will showcase the most exciting science taking place right now.

Guests at the launch had the opportunity to sample what it will be like to experience Loop.ph’s Chronarium by entering a dome filled with ambient lighting and lavender-scented mist. The Chronarium itself promises to reset the circadian rhythms or exhausted shoppers and workers in Manchester city centre – leading to a happier, better rested city population!

The Manchester Megapixel team – led by Josh Award winner Katie Steckles – created a special launch party image that guests of a certain generation found very familiar… During the festival the team will create an enormous pixel image measuring more than 10 metres high in the window of MSI.

A guest takes part in the Manchester Megapixel preview session

Guests also had the chance to try the BBC’s new virtual reality technology courtesy of BBC Blue Room, including writing with rainbows and mountain-top adventures.

Some of the most inspiring messages of the evening came from lead sponsor Siemens’ Financial Director Robin Phillips, who told the audience that they all needed to work together to inspire the scientists and engineers of the future. He added that engineering and ingenuity grounded in real science was crucial to the progress of the UK, and that as a country we need more engineers.

The Manchester Science Festival itself kicks off on Thursday, October 20, and runs until Sunday, October 30. There are almost 130 events taking place over the 11 days – find out more at www.manchestersciencefestival.com.


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